Top Songs To Add To Your Gym Playlist

Music has the ability to quickly sway your mood, from being down and in the blues to pumped, active and ready to party, the right song at the right moment can really improve your workout intensity and overall feeling after a morning, afternoon or night in the gym.Getting in the groove is essential to destroying a working and can even be more effective than a pre-workout. All you need is the right type of headphones and some pumping songs to get you motivated and in your perfect workout zone. Keep reading as we reveal our top list of workout songs.

Top #1 Workout Song -Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

When I first started this list, I told myself no retro or old songs, but after playing the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ right before my last workout, I found out that there was no way I could not add it in. It is just one of those songs that is a must to have in any gym or fitness playlist. The starting alone put me in a mood, where I was pumped and ready to destroy my leg day on a Monday, after a day of work.


2nd Place –Work – Iggy Azalea

The high pumping and energy flooding rapping beats that spill from Iggy, really do suit the fast paced and intense training session or workout in the gym. I found it especially useful when performing a High Intensity Interval Training program (or HIIT for short), where you working out non-stop for a couple of minutes at a time.


3rd Place Runner Up – Right Now (Dyro Radio Edit) – David Guetta, Ne-Yo and Akon

This song is perfect to hear right at the start of an exercise, starting off slow it really gets into the beat at around 30 seconds, where it turns into an outstanding song, pumping full of beats and energy. ‘Right Now’ is a song that will get anyone moving, upping their intensity at the gym and giving it their all for the most gains.


4th Place Get Up (rattle) – Bingo Players and Far East Movement

If the rest of our top songs didn’t quite do it for you, then ‘Get Up’ by the Bingo Players and Far East Movement, surely will. Its fast beats and pumping base will get you moving and ready to demolish any workout or training session that you have planned.


5th Place – Last But Not Least – Addicted To You – David Guetta

‘Addicted To You’ is just one of those songs that will keep you energized and motivated throughout the most challenging exercises of your gym workout. Especially good after a bad breakup or lustful crush, you will more than enough energy and motivation to pull through an early morning or late night workout.


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