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Choose the Best Laserprinter Toner Cartridges

Compatible toner cartridges are much cheaper to buy than original branded supplies (those made by the printer manufacturers). The cost of buying new printer toner could potentially run into hundreds of pounds a year, so if you own a laser printer you'll want to get the best possible discounted price when you restock your supply. You will also want to know that the printer toner you're buying is high quality and gives equivalent results to the original toner, without any risk of damaging your printer.

Modern machines can handle both black and white and color printing, though color models are more expensive than monochrome (black and white) ones. They offer some strengths over cheaper inkjet models: fast print speeds and reasonable costs per page (especially for text output); crisper edges than inkjets, giving a cleaner, more professional look to text and line graphics; more saturated, vibrant color than most inkjets when both are printing on plain paper; resistance to fading; and smudge-proof output.

Modern laser printers have higher print speeds than their predecessors. The fusing of the toner onto the paper is important for best printing and optimum fuser life. Due to their high speed the paper passes quickly through the heated fuser rollers. This results in less heat being transferred onto the paper. Modern formulations have a low melting point, so that best fusing is achieved at high print speeds. In addition many models now accept thick media types including heavy paper, card, labels and transfer papers. Less heat from the fuser transfers onto thick media, so there are special settings in the print driver that increases the fuser temperature. Modern compatibles are designed to work as well as the original formulation on all media types. If the compatible supply is not high quality, then it may not fuse properly on thick paper or labels. This leads to ghosting where a shadow of the main image is repeated down the page.

High quality compatible formulations are available from TonerTopUp. These are specifically formulated for each print engine, with equivalent quality to the original supplies.

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